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Build up your network with our wide range of devices including routers, switches, modems, etc. to suit WAN, VPN, IP-VPN or MPLS infrastructures. QDos IT can also provide services to extend and upgrade both wired and wireless networks.

Network Installation

More and more businesses are using wireless networking equipment, particularly since it has fallen in price and become easier to configure and use.

Wireless networking allows you to have a more attractive and arguably safer office environment with fewer cables around. It gives you more flexibility about where you locate your IT kit, and you can use your laptop from anywhere in your office. It also allows you to offer visitors wireless internet access or hot-desk facilities.

However, Ethernet-based wired networking can still have the edge over wireless equipment in being more reliable, lower cost and offering faster connection speeds. Wireless signals on the other hand can vary depending on the layout of an office, the thickness of the walls and sometimes even the weather.

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Datacentre Solutions

Whether you're looking to set up a new or enhance the performance of your existing datacentre, we can provide you with the latest in datacentre technology in order to meet user, application and site-to-site demands of your network.

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