Achieve Leased Line services at DSL prices with multiple connections bonded or load balanced through fully installed and managed Xrio UBM appliances.

Even with 21CN being rolled out by many ISP's your organisations demand for ever more bandwidth will continue to increase exponentially as more and more organisations move towards centralised asset management, virtualisation and cloud computing. Xrio UBM appliances enable you to maximise and upscale your bandwidth availability on demand through the use of multiple DSL connections.

With UBM You Can

  • Replace costly leased lines with multiple low cost bonded DSL and 21CN connections
  • Combine different types of connections (even 3G and WIMAX) from different providers into one stable, high speed link
  • Dedicate specific links for specific tasks (i.e. VoIP) and use policy based routing to set contingencies should these links experience difficulties
  • Mix load balancing and bonding within one device
  • Improve MPLS and IP VPN services limited by slow upload speeds
  • Improve access to business critical services that require fast upload speeds

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Internet Load Balancing

Connect multiple DSL connections through the UBM appliance and aggregate Internet data flow in and out of your network, balancing data on a file-by-file basis. Advanced QoS and policy based routing makes UBM an ideal choice for VoIP solutions where an existing connection has insufficient capacity for additional SIP trunks.

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Bonded ADSL

With a datacentre appliance hosted at our fully managed facility or within your centralised IT hub and a client unit at each site, Bonded ADSL aggregates traffic in and out of your network on a packet by packet basis to deliver optimal bandwidth availability, usage, upload and download speed to achieve a leased line type services with additional failover and resiliency benefits, without the expense.

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VPN Bonding

Does the upload speed of your DSL connections limit the effectiveness of your VPN? Remove this issue with multiple connections bonded between sites (Requires UBM appliances at all hub and spoke sites).

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Datacentre Appliances

UBM 2000

A tailored solution for ISP's intent on delivering bonded connectivity to their customers.

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UBM 1500

SME centric datacentre solution for small and medium sized businesses implementing optimal connectivity between sites.

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Client Appliances

UBM 1000

Client side appliance suited to regional head quarters and larger branch offices connecting to bonded services supplied via a central datacentre.

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UBM 400

Desktop 4 port balancing and bonding appliance suited to delivering small scale bonded VPN and acting as a client for bonded DSL services.

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UBM 200

Desktop 2 port Internet load balancing and bonding appliance suited to small business and branch office deployments of up to 2 connections.

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