Installed and fully supported by QDos IT, Vizioncore products provide server virtualisation management solutions that help organisations safeguard and optimise their systems while allowing them to extract the maximum return on investment in Virtualisation.

Disaster Recovery

vRanger Pro

vRanger Pro provides image-level hot backups - of either the entire virtual machine or just the differential simply and easily, while the virtual machine is still running. Unlike agents, vRanger Pro runs outside the guest OS, and can be integrated with VMware VirtualCenter. vRanger Pro is also VMotion aware so it can follow virtual machines to perform regularly scheduled backups even after they have moved. vRanger Pro also integrates with VCB helping to off-load backups from the host.

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vReplicator supports replication of the entire virtual machine, including configuration settings, patches to the OS, the application itself as well as the data and all other OS-level changes. vReplicator allows for selective replication of individual critical-level virtual machines, eliminating the maintenance, network traffic and hardware expense that comes with replicating the entire LUN or SAN. vReplicator can replicate from many hosts to one host and can replicate to hardware platforms that are dissimilar from the source.

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P2V-DR vRanger Pro Module

The P2V-DR Module in vRanger Pro leverages the robust conversion engine of Vizioncore's vConverter software. The cloning method employed by vConverter is executed at the "block-level" as opposed to "file-level" which results in extremely fast and reliable conversions with superior completion rates and no data loss. The P2V-DR module can extend your disaster recovery strategy to cover your physical machines. Now you can create images of both your physical and virtual machines, which can be sent and archived at a remote site.

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Formerly vCharter Pro, vFoglight provides layered views encompassing VirtualCenter, datacenter, clusters, resource pools, ESX Server, virtual machine and datastore levels. Beyond that, vFoglight can help administrators pinpoint resource contention issues among CPU, memory, disk or NIC.

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vConverter is an enterprise-class conversion solution that significantly reduces the time and effort spent converting servers to the VMware, Microsoft or Virtual Iron platforms. vConverter enables fast and easy conversions without disrupting the source physical system during the conversion process. There are never any reboots, no need to visit machines being converted, no software to install on the source and no downtime.

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vMigrator is designed to eliminate the challenges of porting virtual machines to the new VI3 platform. During the migration process, the source virtual machines remain intact and unmodified, allowing them to be used by the workforce even as the virtual machines are being ported to the new production server. This automated migration process allows downtime to be minimized - even for complex environments - to a simple required reboot at the end for the upgrade process, which can take as little as 60 seconds.

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