Ensure business continuity for your organisation and IT with QDos IT's backup solutions for data protection, archival and recovery management to provide complete protection to your remote offices and datacentre.

Offsite Backup

Offsite backup is something that could save your company's life. If you have a large amount of data — financial or otherwise — that you can't afford to do without, then you need offsite backup. It can have simple or complicated functionality, but its most basic use is safeguarding your data from accidental or intentional destruction.

Basically, offsite backup is what it sounds like: You have a backup set of data that is nowhere near your main place of business. Some or all of the data that flows from computer to computer each and every day is also stored on a server. With offsite backup in the event of a catastrophe disaster, you will not lose your important data.

Software is available to make the offsite backup process easier. This software is usually customisable, so you can fill your company’s specific needs. The software applications can usually be set as well to do the data backup automatically, at regular intervals that you set, so that the offsite backup process takes as little of your time as you want it to take.

Offsite backup is not only used by companies. Individuals use offsite backup as well. Data that you might want protected from your house or family can be transmitted to an offsite backup facility using the same sort of methods described above. The idea here is to ensure that you have more than one copy of your most sensitive data.

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Site Replication

Site replication is an ideal solution to providing remote offices with local data from the head office. Rather than users having to pull information from the main office, the data that is held at head office is also available locally to remote users and only small changes are sent between the offices. This reduces the amount of bandwidth required between the offices. Historically companies have had to invest in expensive leased lines to provide good communication between the offices, QDos IT can provide a solution that allows these benefits to be used over standard ADSL services.

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