By implementing Avaya solutions for our customers, QDos IT helps enterprises enhance operational efficiency, worker productivity and customer satisfaction by streamlining human engagement in critical business processes.

These solutions integrate with business process applications to predict and sense events, then respond by managing real-time multi-channel communication with process users and decision-makers. This speeds response times, reduces human delays, and frees workers from managing communications details so they can focus on making decisions and resolving issues before they impact customers.

IP Telephony

SIP creates possibilities for system flexibility in multi-service networks beyond what IP Telephony can do on its own. More than IP enabling PBXs, Avaya sees SIP as a catalyst for creating a new paradigm of converged communications that offers enterprises:

  • An open infrastructure for telephony and other communication services, designed to interoperate and provide value in a multi-vendor environment!
  • Powerful real-time telephony, conferencing, and secure enterprise-class instant messaging services, accessed through a single user identity!
  • Avaya MultiVantage Business Communication applications unleashed as modular services that can be integrated into enterprise applications to streamline business processes!
  • An extensible architecture designed to support the rapid deployment of new services, and to be the core infrastructure for next generation solutions that will use SIP to offer users unparalleled mobility capabilities across enterprise wireless and public cellular networks!

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Avaya SIP solutions open doors to new enterprise-wide process improvements based on the efficiencies delivered by SIP. Avaya presents these business enhancements through SIP solutions composed of the following major components:

  • Converged Communication Server
  • Communication Manager
  • SIP endpoints
  • MultiVantage Communication Applications

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Call Centre Applications

In recent years, IP Telephony (IPT) has gained rapid acceptance for its cost savings and provisioning capabilities. Many contact centres now deploy this technology as they transform from a conventional call centre to an IP contact centre.

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Voice Server Consolidation

The biggest cost reductions provided by IP telephony come from simplifying the applications and application infrastructure for the call centre. Recent efforts have been focused on consolidating servers to optimize performance and to reduce costs.

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Virtual Site Consolidation

When a business has several contact centres, complexity and cost can be barriers to efficiency. A well-known fact of call centre management is that a single large call centre runs much more efficiently from a staffing perspective than several smaller call centres.

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IP telephony can enable the resource consolidation model discussed here with several benefits. The compelling value of IP telephony for the contact centre is the reduction of cost and complexity.

  • Voice server consolidation reduces capital expenditures and the cost of ongoing maintenance and support. Reduction in complexity makes the contact centre more agile when responding to changes in the marketplace.
  • Virtual site consolidation increases staffing efficiencies by pooling agent resources across the enterprise. It enables staffing backup strategies between the central contact centre and branch operations. In addition, it offers business continuity options.

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Unified Communications

Through QDos IT and Avaya technologies, we can offer a full range of unified communications services, applications, and third-party solutions. We deliver the communications capabilities needed to keep employees productive at all times while maintaining maximum operational efficiency. An enterprise can quickly and easily deploy our powerful and cost-effective solutions.

Ensure easy deployment and maintenance of a unified communications solution. QDos IT and Avaya delivers an enterprise-wide assessment to determine the best solution for specific business needs. Once the solution is determined, QDos IT offers Installation and Configuration, Diagnostics and Monitoring, and support

  • Use one number. Calls can be easily routed to an optimal device or location.
  • Work efficiently. Functions such as corporate directory, enterprise visual voicemail, and PBX features are available from mobile devices.
  • Work while in transit. Workers on the go can access Microsoft Exchange applications hands-free, listen and respond to email, call contacts, and even schedule appointments.
  • Screen calls, receive alerts. Mobile employees can intelligently screen calls and be alerted to high-priority calls any time, anywhere.
  • Reduce costs. Mobile phones can be integrated into the corporate communications infrastructure.

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