Installed and Managed by QDos IT, Netgear's high performance wireless routers, adapters and Layer 3 Managed Switches quickly become the backbone for your inter-office connectivity.

Router & Gateway

Netgear's routers and gateways not only work great, but also look terrific too. Inside our award-winning design you will find wireless routers with the range and coverage you need for today's demanding applications and home networks. Count on them for ease-of-use, quality, reliability, and security.

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Netgear offers a complete line of reliable, affordable networking switches from high-performing wire-speed Layer 3 managed switches to entry-level managed Smart Switches to plug-and-play unmanaged switches for SMB and the Home. All Netgear switches are standards based, fully-compatible with existing 10/100/1000 network infrastructure and easy to use and install.

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Firewall & VPN

The Netgear ProSafe wired and wireless VPN solutions offer SMBs a variety of security and remote access options. The ProSafe line of VPN Firewalls deliver all-inclusive business-class security as the first line of defence against network attacks and unauthorised access. The ProSafe SSL VPN Concentrator sits behind the firewall and delivers secure, clientless, Web-based remote access.

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Network Attached Storage (NAS) is dedicated hard disk-based storage technology designed to be connected directly to a computer network, providing centralized data access to multiple network clients.

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Wireless Network

Netgear markets a diverse choice of home wireless Ethernet bridges, wall-plugged wireless range extenders, business wireless access points, and business Power over Ethernet access points.

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Print Server

Print servers connect printers directly to the network so that multiple PCs can share them. Compared to attaching a printer directly to a PC, the print server provides more flexibility in placing the printer, more cost effectiveness, better performance, and simultaneous support for printing from a variety of operating system environments and different network protocols. Wireless print servers eliminate the cost of network cabling, and provide the flexibility to set up a printer in a convenient location. Wireless print servers can be integrated into other 802.11 devices, such as an access point, VPN, and firewall, providing an all-in-one solution for many small businesses.

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