QDos IT use Replify software solutions for WAN optimisation and application acceleration where customers need to speed traffic between corporate computing resources and remote offices/mobile workers. This way, personnel can work faster and more efficiently, wherever they are.

As well as eliminating hardware costs, this software-based approach from QDos IT enables quick and easy installation, and instant updates. It also delivers the flexibility for users to grow the system on an ‘as needed’ basis, and offers real time monitoring and administration.

This virtual appliance model also allows customers to work greener, as increased hardware brings with it a greater cooling requirement and more energy consumption.

Reptor™ Accelerator Suite

requires no network changes or downtime. It uses Replify’s server-side Reptor Virtual Appliance at one end, and Microsoft Windows or Windows Mobile Reptor Client at the other to boost application speeds significantly.

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Cross-Protocol Data Reduction technology is a bi-directional network caching software module. It allows both ends of the WAN to ‘learn’ the data payload as it flows between the client and the accelerated servers. Subsequent exchanges of identical or updated objects between clients and servers are sent only as block references, with the cached content being retrieved before presentation to the client or server application.

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Reptor™ Enterprise Manager

makes it easy to manage a large Reptor Accelerator deployment with many clients and appliances. The user inputs details of the Reptor Accelerator deployment via an intuitive web interface, and clients and appliances are automatically configured to ensure optimal WAN performance. Defining client groups in the Reptor Enterprise Manager allows the user to control client configuration and generate management reports and graphs.

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Reptor™ Virtual Appliance

gives system administrators a clear picture of the optimisation benefits of the Reptor Accelerator. It is also a powerful, easy-to-use means of controlling the configuration of the Reptor Clients. Each appliance is responsible for keeping the connected clients up to date with the latest rule set. Changes to this rule set via the Reptor Appliance’s management interface are broadcast to all connected Reptor Clients immediately.

VMware users can install Reptor Virtual Appliance instantly by downloading via their VMware installation, powering on the appliance, and configuring it through a browser-based interface.

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Reptor™ Client

is installed at all endpoints accessing the application server, and redirects all traffic aimed at the configured application server to the Virtual Appliance. This Windows-installable service optimises all data sent over the WAN between the Client and the Virtual Appliance.

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