Green Computing

Green Computing

Is your business taking advantage of Green Computing?

With the growing use of IT equipment within business' due to operations and processes becoming electronic based, an increase in mobile/remote workforces, and technology evolving at a rapid rate there is a growing impact on environmental resources. The purpose of Green computing is to reduce the impact of IT on the environment through resolving the following issues:

  • IT equipment hazards - Can you repair or upgrade IT rather than replacing it? There are a number of simple solutions that can save your business spending money on new IT equipment. If IT equipment is no longer usable, then it needs to be disposed of, for example when it reaches the end of it's life and is beyond repair. It is important to be aware that some IT equipment contains harmful or toxic elements which need to be disposed of safely through local council or various organisation's eco-friendly schemes.
  • Maximise energy efficiency - IT equipment that is in use within your organisation will obviously be consuming energy, however the amount will not only depend on the quantity and type of equipment you have, but how you use your IT equipment and the measures you have in place to ensure power costs are kept to the minimum. There are a number of simple policies and techniques that your organisation can implement to significantly reduce your power consumption costs, whilst having a positive impact on the environment.
  • Promote IT recycling - Local councils and IT recycling organisations are available to assist you in recycling your IT equipment. These can then be refurbished or passed onto other organisations to re-use either in the UK or abroad. A donation or fee may apply on this service depending on the organisation and/or the condition of the equipment.

Enviro-friendly solutions for your business

As a UK business you are legally obliged to dispose of IT equipment properly through safe disposing or recycling in order to meet government regulations. In order to reduce impact on the environment, reduce hazardous substances, and ensure efficiency, the EU has introduced RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) - to encourage Green computing. RoHS are basically the standards and regulations that businesses must meet on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). All products that restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment to meet RoHS will have the RoHS certification label.

At QDos IT we are committed to providing green products and services, which are compliant with European Union RoHS (Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substance in Electronic Equipment) legislation. We provide a variety of Green Computing products and solutions to lower the cost to both your business and the environment including:

  • Virtualisation - Virtualisation enables you to combine, access and operate 2 or more physical systems from a single virtual system, thus reducing the amount of hardware and reducing total power and cooling consumption costs.
  • Thin Client - Thin client solutions involve a centralised remote server which users have access to for all their operating system and related applications. This reduces the amount of time, storage, network congestion and energy costs and consumption as applications are only accessed when required by end users.
  • VoIP - Installing a Voice over IP (VoIP) network enables you to reduce the amount of telecommunication wiring through sharing the same infrastructure for your data. Converging voice and data networks also reduces your overall network costs.
  • Low Power Usage - QDos IT can provide information on advice on technologies and solutions that reduce your business' power consumption costs. Using the industry measurement of PSU (Power Supply Unit), we can help you select more energy efficient products.

Go Green with QDos IT

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