Remove the need for fragmented email point solutions with Mimecast services installed and managed by QDos IT.

Email Archiving

Mimecast's online archiving service is immediately affordable, has predictable ongoing costs and requires less maintenance than in-house archiving methods

  • Scales to support your growing data needs
  • Search and retrieve archived email in seconds
  • A unified email solution
  • Compliant and secure
  • Single view of global email data
  • Supporting multi-site, multi-domain architectures

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Email Continuity

Delivering 100% email uptime to your business is now achievable by simply connecting your email server to the Mimecast Service. This means that your users can work uninterrupted in the event of any email outage.

  • Access new incoming email that can't yet be delivered to your primary email servers
  • Read, reply, forward from your personal email archive
  • Create new messages
  • Run rapid searches and access historic email (up to 10 years of data)

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Email Security

Stop spam before it reaches your network

  • 99% of spam eliminated before it reaches Microsoft Exchange
  • Protects legitimate email (zero content-based false positives)
  • Prioritization of legitimate email
  • 100% virus protection record

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Retaining company data and communications is now a real responsibility of the business. Industry regulators and government bodies are encouraging and prescribing legislative rules governing record management and retention.

If challenged or facing legislative proceedings your email data must be complete. In 5 years time can you retrieve the content of an email and also:

  • Proof of delivery/receipts
  • Copies of email pre-post disclaimers/marketing
  • policies applied to each email
  • Inability to tamper or delete email and attachments
  • Access and searches performed

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Email Branding & Disclaimers

Mimecast's Marketing Advantage provides a rich solution, which enhances normal business operations. Email branding and marketing is made easy for marketing professionals by enabling:

  • Central control over the branding and appearance of every day business emails
  • Discreetly piggy-back targeted messages inside ordinary business emails
  • Generate more business from existing clients
  • Powerful reporting, measurement and analytics

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