Using Citrix virtualisation solutions, QDos IT can help enterprises consolidate and centralise IT systems, boost productivity, reduce support overheads, and make upgrades easier.

Citrix XenDesktop™ - Desktop Virtualisation

Citrix XenDesktop™ offers a next-generation, user-centric desktop virtualisation solution that provides a complete system for desktop delivery. XenDesktop dynamically assembles virtual desktops on-demand, providing users a new and pristine, yet personalised, desktop each time they log on ensuring that performance never degrades.

In addition, XenDesktop’s high-speed delivery protocol provides unparalleled responsiveness over any network, which helps in desktop optimisation. For IT organisations, XenDesktop greatly simplifies desktop lifecycle management and radically drives down cost of ownership by separating the delivery of the desktop OS, applications and user settings.

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Citrix XenServer™ - Server Virtualisation

Citrix XenServer™ server virtualisation makes datacentres more agile and efficient through faster application delivery, higher levels of availability and improved utilisation of IT resources.

XenServer delivers the advanced features required by mission-critical workloads without sacrificing the ease-of-use necessary for wide-scale deployments. The unique provisioning technology of XenServer can rapidly deliver workloads across virtual or physical servers making it the ideal virtualisation platform for every server in the enterprise.

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Citrix XenApp™ - Application Virtualisation

Citrix XenApp™ 6 provides a better than installed experience for both users and IT. Applications start up to ten times faster, the user experience is dramatically improved and application management costs are cut by more than 25% over previous versions.

XenApp 6 dramatically simplifies management with AppCenter, a powerful yet easy-to-use management console where IT can manage all applications from a central location. The redesigned console leverages Active Directory group policies and new PowerShell commands.

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