With Installation and management by QDos IT, SpectorSoft products allow you to record and view what others do on the computer, and specifically what they do on the Internet.

Spector Pro

Spector Pro captures and organises ACTUAL Emails (SMTP and web-based services such as Hotmail), Chat Conversations, and Instant Messages and includes the best Keystroke Logger available anywhere!

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Spectorsoft eBlaster

The ONLY software that captures their incoming and outgoing emails, chat and instant messages - then IMMEDIATELY forwards them any email address you choose.

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Spector can take snapshots of a person's activity as frequently as once per second, and can hold days, weeks or even months of activity until you get a chance to review it.

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Spector 360

Spector 360 allows you to inspect the activities across your organisation using easy-to-read graphical charts. At any time you can "drill down" to a detailed view of these activities to learn more.

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Spector CNE Investigator

With Spector CNE you can conduct investigations on your users, automatically documenting and archiving everything your employees do on the computer and the Internet including: what web sites they are visiting, who they are instant messaging with, who they are emailing, what they are typing, when they are working and when they are playing.

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