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WAN & VPN Solutions

High speed site-to-site connectivity solutions.

Data sent through private site-to-site networks needs to be delivered securely, quickly and be accessible by all users. However, with the increasing demand on private networks due to new applications, users and new sites being added, it is essential that your network is reliable, has sufficient capacity and is scalable to meet future demands.

QDos IT provides high speed, 'always on' connectivity solutions for the following WAN and VPN business networks:

  • Leased Lines
  • Ethernet
  • IP-VPN with MPLS
  • DSL
  • Fibre Cable

Take control of your network traffic and bandwidth

QDos IT can enhance the performance of your businesses network through our unique connectivity designed to increase download and upload speeds, add resilience, improve bandwidth efficiency and traffic flow whilst reducing your overall site-to-site connectivity costs.

QDos IT offers the following cost effective connectivity solutions, which can be installed transparently and easily into your network:

  • ISP Load Balancing - Improve traffic flow and resilience across your network through distributing traffic over 2 or more WAN connections
  • DNS Load Balancing - Connect 2 or more WAN connections to your hosted server to reduce congestion and ensure connection reliability
  • VPN Bonding - Increase bandwidth speed and resilience of your VPN at each site
  • Bonded DSL - Achieve instant, multiplied download and upload speeds through aggregating low cost DSL circuits
  • Bandwidth Management including QoS - Manage your bandwidth efficiently through controlling traffic routing along your network

Need more information?

If you would like to enhance the performance of your WAN or VPN or talk to a member of our team to discuss your requirements then we are happy to help. Contact us now 01296 390640 or email us at enquiries@qdosit.com on how our Site-to-Site connectivity solutions can help your business network.

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