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Viruses are by far one of the better-known threats in the virtual world. The diversity, complexity and number of viruses that exist out there have not stopped growing in the past few years. With the majority of organisations operations highly dependent on IT, it is crucial that you do not leave your systems unprotected. Viruses can easily enter your PC or network through opening an email attachment or browsing a website.

Some ways of identifying if your IT systems is affected by a virus include:

  • System running slower than usual
  • Poor or no response from system
  • Applications working correctly
  • Disks or disk drives are inaccessible
  • Unusual error messages
  • System unexpectedly crashes

Protection against existing and emerging threats

QDos IT Anti-Virus solutions are designed to raise awareness about computer security and protect your business from viruses. QDos IT understands how important Internet security is to businesses and provides highly reputable Anti-Virus products only with the best support.

QDos IT Anti-virus solutions provide:

  • Automatic, frequent updates
  • View number of viruses detected
  • Instant update of Anti-Virus signatures on database
  • Reduce false alerts

QDos IT provides a range of Anti-Virus solutions to protect your business against known as well as emerging viruses. QDos IT Anti-Virus solutions are available to protect devices including, PCs laptops, servers, and suit organisations of all sizes.

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New threats are constantly being developed to attack business networks. Call our team now on 01296 390640 or email us at to protect your business now from IT security threats with our latest Anti-Virus solutions

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