Data Archiving

Data Archiving

Archiving solutions to manage email data growth.

With the majority of business communication done electronically through email, a large quantity of email data is generated quickly within an organisation. Eventually as the size of stored data grows it can cause various problems by impacting network and application performance. Deleting data is not an option due to meeting long-term data retention, legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Email archiving is a storage solution that meets these challenges and enables you to manage both live and archived email data. QDos IT Email archiving solutions deliver many benefits, including:

  • Reduce storage costs of email server
  • Ensure compliance with Data Protection Act and Companies Act
  • Reduce email downtime with offsite archiving
  • Resolves the ongoing issue of email capacity
  • No database dependency

Reduce your data costs

QDos IT Email archiving solutions are quick and easy to deploy and can be set up within any network. QDos IT Email archiving solutions offer a wide range of features to meet your organisation's specific requirements:

  • Search and retrieve archived email in seconds
  • Scalable solution to support your growing data needs
  • Email archive is stored securely offsite
  • Control, monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Access archive email from any device, anywhere
  • Secure archiving system to prevent unauthorised email access

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Save time searching for that critical piece of information through organising your email. QDos IT also offers IT support to guarantee performance of your email archiving solution, to enable you to focus on other aspects of your business. Contact us today on 01296 390640 or email

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