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Whether working via a laptop on a train, from your home or satellite office, QDos IT's remote working solutions give you live access to your centralised corporate services.

The annual government Labor Force Survey tells us that, in 2006, about 12% of the UK workforce were classified as home-workers, about three and a half million people. Of those, 22% worked chiefly from home and 80% of those are 'tele-workers', using information and communications technologies to perform their roles. This figure has doubled since 1997. Overall, the UK is sixth in the league table of EU countries for the percentage of its workforce that tele-work from home at least one day a week.

As home and remote working culture grows your organisations need to take advantage of the many technological requirements needed to control information and ensure productivity. With the support of QDos IT your workforce will be able to:

  • Access and respond to business email by mobile phone or from your laptop via 3G
  • Connect to remote file servers to save, retrieve or modify documents
  • Reduce telephony bills with VoIP solutions
  • Access CRM and other centralised applications from remote locations
  • Reduce the risk of data leakage or loss with RDP and Desktop Virtualisation

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