Block spam to your email inbox with Anti-Spam solutions.

E-mail spam, also known as junk e-mail, is a subset of spam that involves nearly identical messages sent to many recipients by e-mail. Definitions of spam usually include the aspects that email is unsolicited and sent in bulk. Anti Spam is a technique used to prevent problems associated with spam such as:

  • Inbox flooded with undesirable emails
  • Time wasted on sorting emails affects productivity
  • Waste of network bandwidth and money
  • In addition, spam may carry offensive and fraudulent content
  • Clog mail servers
  • Security risk with viruses

Reduce email and network costs

QDos IT can provide solutions to protect your business from spam email. Anti-spam servers are installed into your network to filter through incoming emails and to prevent any spam emails from reaching internal email inboxes. This eliminates the possibility of any potential threats, and viruses to your IT whilst reducing unnecessary bandwidth usage and increasing productivity. QDos IT's Anti-spam solutions are available to all size organisations and provide easy integration for complete protection of your email server.

QDos IT provides the following anti-spam solutions:

  • Filters
  • Reverse lookups
  • Challenges
  • Cryptography

QDos IT's Anti-Spam solutions not only protect against spam but also ensure that legitimate emails do not get deleted or blocked in the process.

Block spam before it blocks your business

Continuous attempts from spammers can prove to be successful and clog up your user's email inboxes. To prevent spammers from entering your business network choose from a wide range of top brand anti-spam solutions or call us now on 01296 390640 or email us at enquiries@qdosit.com and let us recommend you a solution.

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