Network Security

Network Security

Protect your business with reliable, intelligent, and cost effective network security solutions.

With ever growing threats to organisations through technology, Network Security is essential to every organisation. Network Security not only involves protecting your IT department, but your whole business through deciding network security policies, close IT monitoring and keeping up-to-date with any emerging new attacks as well as implementing a business continuity strategy.

Attacks can be made through various means, including email, employees, corrupt files. Being connected to a network such as the Internet or a VPN comes with risks. It takes only a single computer and/or user to be the weakest link throughout your whole organisations network, which provides criminals with the loophole they require to access your private network, systems and data.

QDos IT provides a wide range of Network Security Solutions to ensure complete security for your IT and business to protect you from:

  • Virus - Malware that inserts malicious code into existing documents or programs, and then spreads itself by various means
  • Trojan horse - A malware attack that disguises itself as something innocent, such as a media file
  • Spam - Unsolicited (Junk) emails or coordinated spam attacks which intentionally consume bandwidth to cause the network to crash
  • Spoof - Use of fake ID to access private data without permission
  • Denial of Service - Large amounts of traffic is sent to hosts to hog bandwidth and deny normal services
  • Replaying - Repeating network traffic which should only happen once
  • Password Cracking - Break into authorised users accounts or use sniffers to capture passwords, or through IP-spoofing, and Trojan horses
  • Break Encryption - Theft of encryption keys and decrypting protected data
  • Phishing - Spam emails designed to steal account information through misleading recipients to insecure websites and requesting private data
  • Packet sniffers - Packet sniffers capture data streams over a network in an attempt to capture private data
  • Maliciously-coded Web sites - These take many forms, from installing Trojan horses to redirecting users to an unrequested site
  • Hardware Loss and Residual Data Fragments - Theft of data from hardware (e.g. computers) through purchasing old IT equipment from businesses that have not cleared the data
  • Zombie Computers - A 'zombie' computer is simply a computer infected with malware that causes it to act as a tool of a spammer by silently sending out thousands of emails from the owner's email address

For all your IT resources

Our Network Security experts can provide your business with a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to maximise your network security protection including:

  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Software
  • File Systems
  • Network Design
  • Organisational Policies and Procedures
  • Training and Education
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Physical Security

Protect your business today

QDos IT can help you choose network security solutions that fit your requirements and work together to provide you with a unified solution that ensures there are no loopholes in your network. Speak to our experts now on 01296 390640 or email us at

QDos IT can also provides network security audits and assessments before you invest into a network security solution to ensure an effective solution. QDos IT also provide solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Tips for Network Security

  • Change passwords on regular basis
  • Deploy Virus-scanning applications widely and use them regularly and keep them updated
  • Back up your systems regularly and store backup media off site

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