VoIP Systems

VoIP Systems

Improve your business telephony and communications management whilst reducing costs by implementing a VoIP (Voice Over IP) solution.

VoIP telephony works just like a traditional phone service linking VoIP and landline services giving you the ability to make phone calls as you normally would. Unlike traditional telephone networks, VoIP works over your Internet connection which coupled with exchanges in other countries gives you free or low cost local, national and international calls.

Why Implement VoIP

  • Cost - Calls local and overseas cost considerably less with VoIP to VoIP calls being free in many cases
  • Manageability - Track and monitor calls, and give employees working remotely a business telephone number
  • Equipment - While having VoIP phones involves its own equipment it does dispense with the complexity, cost, and training that most PBX equipment demands
  • New features: VoIP allows businesses to access new features they may not have enjoyed before e.g. video conferencing
  • Integration - Integrate VoIP phones and voicemail with email, SMS and fax systems
  • Feedback/Monitoring - You can get better stats on phone usage, better monitor remote phone users' phone-time etc.

Get the most from your telecommunications service through improving the quality of your VoIP network with our wide range of VoIP solutions. Contact a member of our team on 01296 390640 or email us at enquiries@qdosit.com

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