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Infrastructure Support

Your IT and Telecoms infrastructures represent the backbone of your organisation, resolve issues with these business critical services with QDos IT's infrastructure support solutions.

QDos IT provides impartial consultancy, preferential pricing and in-depth technical expertise that ensure your IT and telecoms infrastructures remain stable whist actively seeking to improve services where possible.


  • Find and remove bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Identify and limit high bandwidth users
  • Migrate from Wired to Wireless connections
  • Add and remove network access points
  • Implement secure VPN connections remote sites

Internet Connections

  • Source and implement new internet connections
  • Upscale bandwidth using Bonding and Load Balanced connections
  • Mix 3G, WIMAX, ADSL and ISDN connections for resilience
  • Identify issues limiting Internet access
  • Improve access to web based applications and services

VoIP, SIP & Mobile Phone Solutions

  • Source and implement new VoIP telephone solutions
  • Add, remove and manage phone numbers
  • Resolve issues with poor call quality
  • Deploy integrated telecoms and data solutions
  • Integrate mobile phones with your in-house IT

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Contact a member of our team on 01296 390640 or email us at to discuss your infrastructure support requirements.

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